Welcome to HBRACT’s Issues & Trends Blog

Welcome to the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut’s blog to discuss issues, trends & more in the state’s residential development and construction industry.  This is a public blog to engage a wider audience and reach more stakeholders on our issues.

See recent posts and topic categories to the right.  Feel free to reply with your comments and contribute to the conversation – relevant to the industry, of course.  Please adhere to all the usual good stuff, like don’t libel anyone, keep it clean, keep it legal, and don’t use this blog to sell your products, services, land or homes, or complain about any such thing (there are other, better ways to do that stuff).

If an HBRA of CT member wants to start a new topic, email blog@hbact.org with the name of the topic in the subject line.  If the HBRA posts the topic on our blog (and we will if you adhere to the rules above), check back here and click your topic in the Recent Posts box and then “leave a reply” with your comment or question.

Follow Us by entering your email address to the right.  You’ll get an email when posts are made, and you can always unfollow us if it’s just too much good information to stand.

Let us know what’s on your mind, what you think needs to change in CT (or elsewhere) for home building and remodeling to once again lead our economy back roaring, or just post a nagging question that others may be able to answer.

Happy blogging!

The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc. (HBRA of CT) serves the residential development and construction industry through advocacy, education and networking.  A voluntary membership association formed in 1960, our vision is “Leading Our Members to Professional Excellence.”

Learn more about us at www.hbact.org.


4 Responses to Welcome to HBRACT’s Issues & Trends Blog

  1. Joanne says:

    Welcome addition to the networking possibilites for members! Let’s keep the discussions going!!!

  2. I think this could be a great tool for all of our members. I think we should subdivide the blog into developer, builder, remodelling, and other issues.

    • Bill Ethier says:

      Thanks! We don’t need to “subdivide” it as you suggest, Bill. It’s open to any issue in the industry; we can then place any category label(s) on a posting and we’ve created the categories you listed. When a post is made, we’ll tag it with the appropriate category(ies) – no limit on topic categories we can create or assign to a comment.

      For a new topic comment to be made (versus a reply to an existing discussion), an email should be sent to blog@hbact.org. While the blog is open to the public for viewing and replies, for now we will allow only HBRA members to start a new topic. After we receive the email with the new topic suggestion, we will then create the new topic on the blog and the discussion can begin.

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